Content Team | Revolutionizing Banking: The Coreless Future with Norris Koppel of Monese and XYB

Revolutionizing Banking: The Coreless Future with Norris Koppel of Monese and XYB

In today’s episode, we pose the question: How is technology revolutionizing the traditional banking sector? Join us as we dive deep into this topic with Norris Koppel, the visionary Founder and CEO of Monese Bank, the UK’s pioneering mobile app alternative to traditional banks. In 2023, Monese has once again disrupted the banking landscape with the launch of XYB, an innovative ‘coreless’ banking platform provider that promises to redefine the industry.

Norris will share insights into how XYB, in a significant shift from the centralized systems of core banking providers, enables banks and non-banking financial institutions to swiftly access new financial services solutions. By leveraging highly flexible decentralized microservices, XYB overcomes the limitations imposed by traditional core banking systems. This breakthrough means that businesses can now deliver the financial products and services their customers need, exactly when and where they’re needed.

A cornerstone of our discussion will be XYB’s groundbreaking partnership with Google Cloud, integrating generative AI and machine learning tools into its platform. This collaboration is not just a technological leap but a transformation in how financial products are conceptualized, developed, and delivered. Norris will elucidate on how this partnership empowers banks, non-bank financial institutions, and fintech companies to create cutting-edge products with ease and speed, paving the way for hyper-personalized customer experiences and a new era of industry-wide innovation.

Imagine a world where financial products are tailored to individual spending habits, where customer inquiries and complaints are resolved without human intervention, significantly reducing operational costs. Norris will discuss how XYB’s strategic embrace of generative AI through its partnership with Google Cloud represents a bold step towards such a future, breaking free from conventional constraints to foster innovation in the financial services sector.

As we explore the transformative potential of XYB and its coreless banking platform, we’ll also delve into the broader implications for the banking industry.¬†

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