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Rethinking Ransomware With Rapid7

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, where does the true threat of ransomware lie? I explore this critical question with Raj Samani, SVP and Chief Scientist at Rapid7, in a revealing episode of Tech Talks Daily.

With ransomware attacks making headlines and disrupting operations for both public and private organizations, the conversation shifts from the frequency of these incidents to the evolving capabilities of ransomware actors. Raj, who has extensive experience assisting law enforcement agencies and serves as a special advisor to the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), brings a wealth of knowledge on dark web trends and the tactics employed by these malicious actors.

The discussion opens with Raj’s perspective on how the cybersecurity community has been addressing ransomware threats, suggesting a need to refocus our attention on the capabilities and strategies of ransomware groups rather than the sheer number of attacks. He highlights recent campaigns, such as MOVEit and SysAid, to illustrate how ransomware actors are moving beyond traditional methods like exploiting the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to leveraging zero-day vulnerabilities.

Raj explains how the dark web facilitates a marketplace for skills, allowing individuals with minimal expertise to launch sophisticated ransomware attacks. This shift emphasizes the importance of understanding and mitigating the threat landscape’s dynamic nature.

Listeners will gain insight into the implications of these trends for cybersecurity strategies and the measures organizations can take to protect against these evolving threats. Raj also shares his journey in cybersecurity, acknowledging the support and mentorship that have been pivotal in his career.

As the episode concludes, Neil and Raj discuss where listeners can connect with them online to continue the conversation and learn more about combating ransomware effectively. This episode is not just an exploration of the technicalities of ransomware but a call to action for the cybersecurity community to rethink our approach to one of the most pressing challenges of our time.



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