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Redefining Team Development With OnLoop

In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, I enjoy a thought-provoking conversation with Projjal Ghatak, the innovative mind behind OnLoop, a platform that’s pioneering the space of Collaborative Team Development (CTD). Projjal, with his rich background from Uber to Accenture and his academic stint at Stanford GSB, brings a disruptive approach to traditional performance management.

The dialogue opens with an exploration of OnLoop’s mission to transform how hybrid teams are assessed and developed. Projjal shares his decade-long frustration with outdated enterprise performance tools and how it fueled his dedication to empowering the world’s 1 billion knowledge workers.

We dive into the nuances of managing team productivity, discussing the critical need for managers to maintain visibility on their team’s capacity to perform. They dissect the concept of shared clarity on business and personal goals, and the importance of building habits around frequent and constructive feedback.

A significant highlight of the conversation is the discussion on the redundancy of writing performance summaries in the digital age. Projjal suggests that generative AI could streamline this process, although user feedback on this innovative approach remains to be seen.

The challenges and benefits of managing hybrid teams take center stage as Projjal acknowledges the complexities of remote work, from reduced accountability to the necessity of finding effective management solutions. They agree that hybrid work is here to stay, underscoring the need for tools that support this enduring shift.

Feedback’s role in professional growth is also a focal point, with Projjal introducing ‘On Loopers’, an app designed to facilitate effective feedback exchange. They touch upon the value of diverse global teams in creating universally relevant products.

Closing the episode, Projjal emphasizes the importance of self-education and coaching, advocating for learning through various channels, including podcasts. This discussion is not just a deep dive into the mechanics of CTD but also a testament to the power of innovation in unlocking team potential.

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