Content Team | Redefining Due Diligence for Tech Investments: A Conversation with Raphaëlle d’Ornano

Redefining Due Diligence for Tech Investments: A Conversation with Raphaëlle d’Ornano

I am joined by Raphaëlle d’Ornano, Founder and Managing Partner at D’Ornano + Co., a leading global advisory firm. D’Ornano + Co. has revolutionized the analysis of tech and tech-enabled companies, focusing on their long-term resilience and investment potential.

Raphaëlle sheds light on the transformative technology shaping the investment landscape and urges businesses to consider counter-intuitive ways to navigate emerging tech trends. She provides thought-provoking insights into how specific sectors such as ClimateTech, AgTech, and HealthTech are paving the way for the next wave of business innovation.

Our conversation delves deep into the inner workings of D’Ornano+Co and Raphaëlle’s journey to pioneer a new form of due diligence – one that caters specifically to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by tech and tech-enabled businesses. 

In a volatile economic environment, assessing risk accurately is more crucial than ever, especially for tech companies. Raphaëlle discusses the hurdles that tech companies are grappling with and emphasizes the importance of risk assessment for promoting sustainable growth.

Drawing on her insights shared in her February newsletter, Raphaëlle also provides an intriguing analysis of the current tech investing environment. This episode is an enriching dive into the world of tech investments, touching on the transformative power of technology, the need for a more nuanced approach to due diligence, and the future of tech-enabled industries. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics at play in tech investments today.

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