Content Team | Qualcomm, Deci Collaborate to Democratize Gen AI

Qualcomm, Deci Collaborate to Democratize Gen AI

In this episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, we venture into the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence with Yonatan Geifman, CEO and co-founder of Deci. 

Deci, renowned for its pioneering work in deep learning and artificial intelligence, is at the forefront of creating AI that builds better AI. Today, we focus on the transformative technology Deci is developing and its groundbreaking partnership with Qualcomm Technologies. This collaboration sets new benchmarks in AI efficiency and makes generative AI more accessible and cost-effective across various industries. But first, let’s extend our gratitude to [Sponsor Name] for their support in bringing this episode to life.

Yonatan shares with us the essence of Deci’s innovative journey, particularly its strategic partnership with Qualcomm. This collaboration is a game-changer, challenging the status quo and offering high-performance, energy, and cost-efficient solutions in the AI ecosystem. 
Through their joint efforts, Deci and Qualcomm are introducing two revolutionary Generative AI models tailored for the Qualcomm® Cloud AI 100. These models, DeciCoder-6B and DeciDiffusion 2.0, boost the cost efficiency and scalability of GenAI-based services and address the pressing GPU shortage in the market.

DeciCoder-6B, a state-of-the-art code generation model, and DeciDiffusion 2.0, a text-to-image diffusion model, exemplify Deci’s commitment to enhancing AI accessibility. Developed using Deci’s proprietary Neural Architecture Search Technology, AutoNAC™, these models are optimized to leverage the full potential of Qualcomm’s hardware, setting new standards in performance and efficiency.

As we delve deeper, Yonatan enlightens us on the significant impact of these innovations across various sectors, from healthcare to finance, and the pivotal role of open-source in advancing AI technology. The democratization of Generative AI, facilitated by Deci and Qualcomm, promises to unlock new levels of creativity and efficiency, making the transformative power of AI available to all.

Join us as we explore how Deci’s collaboration with Qualcomm is reshaping the landscape of artificial intelligence, making it more accessible, efficient, and transformative for industries worldwide. What does the future hold for AI development, and how will these advancements impact our approach to technology and innovation?

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