Content Team | Pioneering Virtual Care & Business Transformation: A Conversation with the CTO at Grand River and St. Mary’s Hospital

Pioneering Virtual Care & Business Transformation: A Conversation with the CTO at Grand River and St. Mary’s Hospital

In today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily, we are privileged to host Shival Seth, the dynamic Chief Technology Officer at Grand River and St. Mary’s Hospital in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Serving over a million patients, Shival’s mantra is “What you lack in skills you make up in will,” which has proved integral to his leadership role in this diverse community.

Our conversation unfolds as Shival explains the journey of business transformation, specifically focusing on the use of technology to enhance services for administrators, clinicians, and patients alike. With an array of innovations in staff scheduling, HR processes, and patient scheduling, we gain an insight into the challenges and solutions found in healthcare technology.

Shival will walk us through his collaboration with HIMSS and the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Team to conduct an INFRAM (Infrastructure Adoption Model) assessment. This helped map out their technology infrastructure capabilities and align them with clinical, strategic goals and international standards. Shival’s insightful explanation on how the INFRAM assessment led to significant investments in technology infrastructure will be a valuable lesson for all tech leaders.

A major part of our discussion will delve into how Cisco’s Webex has revolutionized the hospital’s operations, allowing for secure, virtual care. From emergency consultations to upgrading meeting rooms, Shival demonstrates the power of technology in modern healthcare.

We’ll also cover the role of Cisco security and Full Stack Observability in safeguarding the hospital’s network, and Shival’s future vision for pioneering virtual triaging and abolishing traditional waiting rooms.

Key discussion topics include:

• The role of Webex Connect in virtual care and hybrid work • Webex’s integration with Cerner and its inclusivity tools • The efficiency of Webex Connect (CPaaS) in staffing, patient monitoring, and scheduling • The value of a unified view in security tools like Duo, Umbrella, ISE, and ThousandEyes • How Cisco Full Stack Observability enables proactive problem-solving • The importance and value of an INFRAM assessment

Join us as we venture into the exciting world of healthcare technology with Shival Seth, a pioneer making waves in his industry.

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