Content Team | Pentera — A Discussion About Threat Based Cybersecurity

Pentera — A Discussion About Threat Based Cybersecurity

Today, I’m thrilled to have Aviv Cohen, the Chief Marketing Officer of cybersecurity unicorn Pentera, join us for a fascinating discussion on a topic that’s crucial yet often overlooked: educating the next generation about cybersecurity.

In this episode, Aviv and I dive into his unique initiative – the creation of a children’s book titled “Castle Defenders: What Do Cyber Parents Do?” This Amazon #1 Bestseller is not just a book; it’s a movement towards making cybersecurity a household conversation. Aviv shares the inspiration behind this innovative approach to educating children about the digital world and the importance of online safety.

We start our conversation by exploring Aviv’s role at Pentera, a category leader in Automated Security Validation. Pentera’s platform is pivotal in enabling organizations to consistently test the integrity of their cybersecurity defenses, a mission that Aviv is deeply passionate about.

The core of our discussion, however, revolves around “Castle Defenders.” Aviv explains how he managed to distill complex cybersecurity concepts into a format that’s not only digestible for children but also engaging and educational. We delve into how this book serves as a vital tool for parents – whether they’re cybersecurity professionals or not – to educate their children about the nuances and dangers of the internet.

Further into the episode, we discuss the broader implications of “Castle Defenders.” Aviv and I ponder over the potential of such educational tools in inspiring future generations to pursue careers in cybersecurity. We agree that understanding and appreciating the work of cybersecurity professionals from a young age can foster a more secure digital future.

The conversation also touches upon the expansion of the “Castle Defenders” series, including exciting plans for an audiobook with multiple voices and translations into various languages. Aviv highlights the role of private companies like Pentera in public education, emphasizing the importance of early education and parental involvement in cybersecurity.

As we wrap up, Aviv shares insights into Pentera’s mission and its impact on the cybersecurity landscape. With thousands of security professionals and service providers globally relying on Pentera for guidance in remediation and closing security gaps, Aviv’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in the current and future state of cybersecurity.

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