Podcasts | CIO WaterCooler - Part 128


WB40 Podcast

WB40 – Episode 88 – Developing

On this week’s show, Chris talks to Mark Aikman about developing software, and we look back on Simon Sinek’s Start With Why.

Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Tech Talks with Deirdre McGlashan, CDO at MediaCom

Today’s guest is Deirdre McGlashan, the Chief Digital Officer of MediaCom. We caught up in Lisbon where she was addressing technology businesses, challenging them to think about marketing and content in an omnichannel environment....

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – Episode 87 – East Coast Empowerment

On this week’s show Matt speaks to Guru CEO and co-Founder Rick Nucci about using AI to help people be better “people people”, the trouble with CRM, and why Philadelphia is a great place...

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