Content Team | Onafriq’s Role in Fostering Africa’s Climate Resilience

Onafriq’s Role in Fostering Africa’s Climate Resilience

In an era where climate change and economic development are two of the most significant challenges facing the African continent, how can technology and financial innovation pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous future?

This episode of Tech Talks Daily delves into the heart of these issues with Funmi Dele-Giwa, General Counsel and Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance at MFS Africa, now steering the helm at Onafriq with a vision to revolutionize Africa’s financial landscape.

Africa, despite its minimal contribution to global emissions, finds itself on the frontline of climate change’s adverse effects. With extreme weather events becoming more frequent and severe, the need for robust climate adaptation and resilience strategies has never been more pressing. However, the continent’s fight against climate change is hampered by a lack of adequate funding and a financial architecture that fails to address its unique challenges.

Enter Onafriq, a company poised at the intersection of financial services and technological innovation, aiming to make cross-border payments within Africa as seamless as making a local phone call. In this enlightening conversation, Funmi Dele-Giwa sheds light on the pivotal role that fintech and digital financial services can play in addressing both climate change and the broader economic challenges facing the continent.

 From the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement to the need for a climate-centric financial architecture, we explore the pathways toward enhancing intra-African trade and, ultimately, funding for climate adaptation and resilience.

The discussion doesn’t stop at identifying the problems; it dives into the practical solutions that Onafriq and similar initiatives offer. By digitizing payments and addressing regulatory barriers, Onafriq is not just facilitating easier trade and financial inclusion; it’s laying the groundwork for a more united African economy capable of tackling climate change head-on.

As Africa stands at a crossroads, the question looms: Can the continent leverage its vast potential to foster growth and resilience from within? Join us as Funmi Dele-Giwa shares her insights on how Onafriq’s mission goes beyond financial transactions to spearhead a movement towards a more interconnected and resilient Africa.

Listeners, as we navigate these transformative ideas, what role do you see digital innovation playing in Africa’s journey toward climate resilience and economic empowerment?

Share your thoughts and join the conversation on how technology can help bridge the gap between Africa’s financial and environmental challenges.


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