Content Team | NodeReal and the Role of Infrastructure in Blockchain Adoption

NodeReal and the Role of Infrastructure in Blockchain Adoption

Dr. Ben Zhang, founder of NodeReal, joins me on Tech Talks Daily. NodeReal is a one-stop infrastructure and solution provider, paving the way for the high-speed blockchain era and the evolution of Web3 technology.

Dr. Zhang and our host discuss the crux of easing the transition from Web2 to Web3 and how it’s integral to large-scale enterprise adoption. By highlighting real-world case studies like a South Korean game studio leveraging blockchain technology, they delve into the pivotal role of managed services in empowering traditional enterprises to navigate the blockchain landscape.

Our conversation shifts towards NodeReal’s unique approach of providing end-to-end solutions for scalable blockchain implementation. From high-performance blockchain services to hosting solutions, Dr. Zhang walks us through the concept of a one-stop service that caters to the demands of web3 developers.

A significant part of the discussion dwells on the impact of traditional tech giants like Amazon and Google venturing into the Web3 space and offering managed services. Dr. Zhang provides insight into how Web3-native companies like NodeReal can not only co-exist but thrive in this evolving ecosystem, focusing on customer needs and creating collaborative opportunities.

We further explore the industries showing a growing demand for NodeReal’s services, such as loyalty programs, DeFi, and AI integration with blockchain. Dr. Zhang underscores the opportunities and challenges associated with Web3 technology, emphasizing the need for infrastructure simplification, improved data management, and the importance of continuous learning in this rapidly evolving domain.

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