Content Team | Navigating the Future of AI and Network Security

Navigating the Future of AI and Network Security

How do businesses today navigate the complex world of IT and managed network solutions while keeping pace with technological advancements and security challenges? I sit down with Alan Stephenson-Brown, CEO of Evolve Business Group, to explore this intricate landscape.

Evolve, an independently owned company specializing in end-to-end IT and managed network solutions has been a trailblazer since 2005. It provides services that help businesses reduce costs, simplify service management, and allow teams to focus on their core competencies. With its umbrella of brands – Evolve, 4G Voice & Data, and GB3 – the company has become a key player in keeping networks of various industries compliant, protected, and connected.

Alan Stephenson-Brown, leading Evolve since 2012, has been instrumental in the company’s transformation from a Guest WiFi and connectivity provider to a powerhouse in fully managed network solutions, including best-in-class SD-WAN. Under his leadership, Evolve has expanded its reach to 11 countries, working with prominent clients like  KFC, Starbucks, and BP.

This episode delves into the multifaceted aspects of managed network solutions and the use of AI. Alan will shed light on how Evolve began as a guest WiFi provider and evolved into offering completely managed network solutions, the importance of AI in analyzing network alerts and data to enhance services and security, and the critical role of segregating networks and ensuring PCI compliance.

Moreover, we’ll explore the recent strategic acquisitions by Evolve, including 4G Voice and Data and GB3, which have doubled its headcount and expanded its services into IT, cloud, and cybersecurity.

In a world where the security landscape is constantly changing and the integration of AI and IoT is becoming more prevalent, Alan offers his expert insights on the challenges and opportunities businesses face. Alan provides practical advice and solutions for businesses navigating these complexities, from the dangers lurking in back-office technologies like CCTV and printers to the impending PCI DSS V4 compliance requirements.

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