Content Team | Mypinpad and the Tech Behind Secure Payments on the Move

Mypinpad and the Tech Behind Secure Payments on the Move

In this episode, I am joined by Barry Levett, the CEO of Mypinpad, a B2B SaaS enterprise making remarkable strides in the sector. Headquartered in Cardiff, UK, but with a presence in over 20 countries, Mypinpad aims to be the go-to solution for seamless and secure mobile transactions.

Fresh from securing a $13 million investment led by the respected fintech investor Crossfin Holdings, Barry joins us to shed light on Mypinpad’s ambitious goals and innovative technology. He will share how the company actively pursues financial inclusion in emerging markets, helping individuals access and manage their financial resources.

¬†Given the current global economic landscape, it’s an initiative that feels particularly timely, and we’ll dive deep into how technology can make a difference in these communities. Beyond its laudable mission, Mypinpad is also setting the industry standard when it comes to security. We explore the company’s emphasis on bank-grade security protocols that have undergone rigorous testing. Barry’s insights offer much-needed reassurance for anyone concerned about the safety of financial transactions in a digital-first world.

Navigating the regulatory waters of the fintech industry is a complex task, and this is where our conversation takes an intriguing turn. We’ll delve into the challenges surrounding PCI compliance, a crucial aspect of data security in the payment card industry. This is a realm where partnerships are invaluable, as Barry will illustrate. Collaborations not only help companies like Mypinpad meet stringent regulatory requirements but also enable them to augment their offerings, thereby providing additional value to customers.

In a time when the payments landscape is continuously evolving, Barry and his team at Mypinpad are keenly attuned to the shifting needs of their customer base. The company is not just reacting to changes in the market but actively shaping it, looking ahead to what secure mobile transactions could and should look like in the future.

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