Content Team | Mastering Sustainable Multi-Cloud Strategies With Nutanix

Mastering Sustainable Multi-Cloud Strategies With Nutanix

Is your organization effectively leveraging cloud technologies to boost efficiency and advance sustainability? In this enlightening episode of Tech Talks Daily, we sit down with Steen Dalgas, Senior Cloud Economist at Nutanix, to unravel the complexities of cloud economics and its pivotal role in driving sustainable technological advancements and robust multi-cloud environments.

Steen shares his expertise on how Nutanix, a company at the forefront of hyper-converged infrastructure, is revolutionizing the way enterprises approach cloud technology, delivering substantial cost benefits and enhanced operational flexibility. We dive into how cloud economists like Steen are instrumental in crafting transparent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models that extend beyond mere cost analysis to include profitability, risk, and sustainability.

Moreover, we discuss the critical role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in today’s IT strategies. Steen explains how Nutanix is tackling IT emissions through optimized operations and a dedication to renewable energy, thus making a significant impact on the company’s carbon footprint.

The conversation also covers the evolution of hybrid multi-cloud architectures, addressing the inherent complexities and how Nutanix aims to streamline these through standardized operating models. Plus, we explore the emergence of marketplaces designed to facilitate frictionless IT solution purchases with clear pricing models.

Join us as Steen Dalgas shares valuable insights on why there are no shortcuts to achieving Net Zero and how digital sobriety should be part of every organization’s strategy to ensure sustainable and financially sound cloud solutions.

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