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Luno – A Sensible Approach to Crypto

In this episode, I converse with Alwyn Jones, the CFO of Luno, a global cryptocurrency company. This conversation is particularly notable given Alwyn’s two decades of experience in the traditional financial services industry, making him uniquely positioned to speak on the burgeoning world of crypto. With such an extensive background, Alwyn bridges the gap between traditional finance and the emergent field of cryptocurrencies, offering an informed perspective on how the industry is maturing and how businesses can best navigate this volatile landscape.

We kick off the conversation by diving into Alwyn’s transition from traditional finance to crypto. Alwyn speaks to the disruptive potential of cryptocurrency technology, drawing parallels to how new asset classes have historically shaken up the financial landscape, as seen in 1999, the 1970s, and even as far back as the 1920s. The dialogue takes an interesting turn as both thought leaders emphasize the importance of learning from past financial disruptions to guide strategic decision-making in managing crypto assets.

They then pivot to discuss the evolving role of CFOs, particularly in the crypto sector. Alwyn identifies two distinct types of CFOs: the operational numbers-focused CFO and the value-driven CFO. Being the latter, he shares his approach to driving value within Luno, moving beyond the conventional CFO role to become a business strategist. We jointly explore the transition from CFO as a steward of past and present financials to a role that requires looking ahead to future business opportunities.

Further enriching the conversation, Alwyn discusses the practical advantages of incorporating crypto payments in business strategies, extending beyond mere consumer demand to include enhanced security and privacy protocols enabled by blockchain technology. He makes a case for why financial discipline and risk management are vital in the crypto industry, and how these classical finance principles apply in this brave new world.

We discuss the role of regulatory bodies in the crypto industry and the long-term impacts of the pandemic on Luno’s strategy. They delve into how the pandemic has accelerated changes in investment behavior and validated the remote work model, shedding light on the shifting paradigms in business strategy and financial management.

The episode brings to the fore an informed and nuanced perspective on the crypto industry, serving as an indispensable listen for anyone invested in understanding the evolution of finance in a digital age. With Alwyn’s extensive background in traditional finance and his current role in the crypto sphere, the discussion adds layers of depth to the subject matter, encompassing both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the realm of crypto.

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