Content Team | Lessons in Digital Transformation With Shawbrook Bank

Lessons in Digital Transformation With Shawbrook Bank

Join me, Neil, on this episode of Tech Talks Daily, where I sit down with Russ Thornton, Chief Technology Officer at Shawbrook Bank. Russ is at the forefront of Shawbrook Bank’s ambitious digital transformation journey, leveraging AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation from Pegasystems to revolutionize their operations.

Under Russ’s leadership, Shawbrook Bank has streamlined their loan processing time by an impressive 75%, while freeing up underwriters from 1,500 hours of manual work each month, all aimed at enhancing the customer experience. Recently, they’ve embarked on phase two of their transformation, deploying Pega Platform™ to overhaul their buy-to-let mortgage underwriting process, cutting processing times in half and tripling underwriter productivity.

In our conversation, Russ shares insights into his career journey and how it shapes his decisions as CTO. We explore the pivotal milestones Shawbrook Bank has achieved with these automation projects, and what lies ahead on their transformative roadmap. Russ also reflects on the lessons learned from these initiatives and provides a glimpse into future projects that will further elevate Shawbrook Bank’s digital capabilities.

Tune in to learn how Shawbrook Bank is harnessing technology to drive efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and pave the way for continued innovation in banking. What are your thoughts on the role of AI and automation in shaping the future of financial services? Share your thoughts with us after listening to this insightful episode.

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