Content Team | LegalTech: Navigating the Future of Legal Operations

LegalTech: Navigating the Future of Legal Operations

I sit down with Tom Stephenson VP, Community & Legal Ops/ Plus and Host of Dear Legal Ops. Tom, brings over a decade of rich experience from global law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and legal tech vendors, illuminates the myriad facets of the legal landscape in today’s digital age.

The conversation kicks off with Tom sharing insights into how technology is transforming the very bones of the legal profession. Whether it’s machine learning algorithms expediting contract reviews or AI tools revolutionizing compliance checks, technology stands as a game-changer.¬†

However we delve deeper, discussing the thorny challenges that accompany this digital shift. Issues like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and the complexities of migrating from traditional law firms to in-house corporate legal roles are examined with a critical lens.
The episode takes a riveting turn as Tom unpacks his role at, a disruptive force aiming to redefine the legal hiring process and provide resources for career advancement. Tom elucidates how his platform is not just a marketplace for jobs but a community that fosters growth, innovation, and transformative professional experiences.

We then venture into the realm of community building within the legal tech landscape. Tom reveals the magic behind cultivating effective relationships and aligning disparate groups under a unified mission. His insights are deeply rooted in his role as Vice President of Community & Legal Operations at, where he has proven his prowess in steering the ship of organizational strategies.

Tune in to this episode for an intricate, multi-dimensional view of legal operations, technology, and the paths that lie ahead. It’s a masterclass in understanding the future of law through the lens of someone who is actively shaping it.

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