Content Team | Leading Digital Change: KPMG on the Future of AI in Business

Leading Digital Change: KPMG on the Future of AI in Business

Are you curious how large firms integrate advanced technologies like AI into their operations effectively? In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, we sit down with James Osborn, Chief Digital Officer at KPMG UK, as he reflects on his first year in this pivotal role. James will share his insights on deploying KPMG’s internal AI, dubbed Ava, and spearheading initiatives such as the “Trusted AI Framework” and the “Summer of AI.” 

With 16,000 global participants from 14 countries engaging in this transformative technology, what can we learn from their experiences? James will discuss the challenges of fostering AI adoption within a well-established firm and the strategies that helped promote an ethical, human-centric approach to digital transformation. How do these technologies augment professional expertise and maintain the integrity and trust crucial in the professional services sector? As we unpack these topics, we’ll also delve into practical advice for organizations beginning their AI journeys. 

Join us to uncover the nuanced landscape of AI integration in professional services. After listening, share your thoughts: How do you see AI evolving in your professional sphere?

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