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In today’s episode, I engage in a discussion with Raj Koneru, the visionary founder and CEO of, a global leader in enterprise conversational AI solutions. With the recently announced Experience Optimization (XO) Platform V10.1 upgrade, is breaking new ground in the fast-evolving realm of automated customer service.

The conversation kicks off with the fascinating journey of, tracing its evolution from initial proof-of-concept stages to a comprehensive solution for customer service automation. Raj provides an insider’s look at the platform’s innovative features like Smart Co-Pilot and AI-Assisted Dialog Nodes, revealing how generative AI and large language models are revolutionizing the bot development process by enabling dynamic workflows and dialogues.

Dive deeper as Neil and Raj explore the fusion of Large Language Models (LLMs) with ontology-based knowledge graphs, which opens new vistas for personalized and contextually aware bot interactions. The concept of domain-specific Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) is brought into focus, demonstrating how AI can be meticulously tailored to meet specialized business requirements.

Not stopping at customer interactions, the episode also delves into’s ambitious plans to expand the scope of conversational AI to all applications. Raj provides insights into their strategic initiatives, including a burgeoning professional services business unit facilitated through preferred platinum partnerships. He also shares his vision for the future, which includes a revolutionary new product aimed at enhancing employee productivity.

For any business looking to stay ahead in the age of AI and automation, this episode offers a wealth of insights. You’ll come away with a nuanced understanding of conversational AI’s current state and future possibilities, and how is pioneering these advancements.

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