secretleaders | Karma & Olio: Capitalists Can Care About The Environment Too

Karma & Olio: Capitalists Can Care About The Environment Too

Have you seen your household food waste increase exponentially during the pandemic? You’re not alone.

“Food waste in homes is more under scrutiny now than ever because people are not used to cooking at home, seven days a week. It’s the perfect storm for trying to figure out your cooking schedule and using everything and that definitely produces food waste, at least initially until you’ve found your equilibrium.”

Chatting all things food waste on this episode of Secret Leaders are two entrepreneurial power houses beating the same drum, but tackling the global issue of food waste from different angles.

We have Saasha Celestial-One, COO and co-founder of food sharing platform Olio who has featured on the podcast before (her episode is in the links section) and Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, CEO and co-founder at Karma. Hjalmar is a Swedish medical doctor turned entrepreneur. Together they’re both seeking a solution to the $1.2 trillion food waste problem.

Join us as we discuss what’s been happening with the food waste problem during the pandemic, as well as what we can all do within our own communities to help tackle this unsustainable issue (one third to 40% of all food is wasted globally), as well as how to create a business that both monetises food waste and builds communities.

“Find a co-founder or co-founders who are 100% obsessed with your mission and recruit for mission. So we always recruit for mission first, you can train people and upskill people, but you can’t train passion and mission alignment.”

We chat about:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on food waste
  • Breakdown in food charitable chains
  • The recession and the food waste issue
  • Earth overshoot day
  • Building communities through food waste
  • Starting an impact company


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