Content Team | JAMF – Breaking Down Silos: Executive Leadership in IT and Security Alignment

JAMF – Breaking Down Silos: Executive Leadership in IT and Security Alignment

For years, IT and security have operated as separate entities within organizations, each with its own set of priorities and concerns. IT professionals often view security teams as the “Department of No,” hindering progress and innovation. On the other hand, security teams see IT as reckless, prioritizing speed over safety. However, as digital transformation accelerates, the need for these two departments to collaborate has never been more critical.

Linh Lam, the Chief Information Officer at Jamf Software brings her expertise to the table, shedding light on the root causes of the tension between IT and security teams. She argues that this division is not just counterproductive but also detrimental to the organization’s overall health. Linh outlines four key strategies to mend this fractured relationship: changing the culture of division, fostering early collaboration and communication, overcoming C-suite hierarchy issues, and adopting the CISO-as-risk-management-leader model.

During the podcast, Neil and Linh explore the negative impacts of poor communication and lack of collaboration between these two critical teams. They emphasize the importance of transparency, partnership, and joint planning to avoid unintended consequences and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security initiatives.

The conversation also touches on the challenges of bridging the gap between IT and security, particularly the role of executive leadership in fostering collaboration and breaking down silos. Linh stresses the need for the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to act as a risk management leader, elevating the conversation around security and educating the organization on its importance in achieving business objectives.

Towards the end, the discussion shifts to the challenge of balancing speed and security in IT initiatives. We both agree that collaboration between IT and security is essential for aligning roadmaps and understanding the risks and outcomes, thereby enabling a successful digital business transformation.

This episode offers a nuanced look at an issue that affects nearly every modern organization. It’s a must-listen for CIOs, CISOs, and any digital technology leader looking to better understand how to harmonize the often conflicting agendas of IT and security teams for the greater good of the organization.

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