Content Team | Interview with IBM UK & Ireland Chief Executive About AI Adoption

Interview with IBM UK & Ireland Chief Executive About AI Adoption

Are UK businesses leveraging AI effectively to stay competitive on the global stage? To explore this critical topic, I invited Dr. Nicola Hodson, Chief Executive of IBM UK&I, to share her invaluable insights on AI adoption within UK enterprises and the steps necessary to ensure the UK’s competitive edge in technology.

IBM’s recent Global AI Adoption Index reveals a stark reality: while over a third of large UK enterprises have embraced AI, with another 40% experimenting, the UK still trails behind global leaders like India, China, and Singapore. This discrepancy poses a significant challenge, especially after the Global AI Summit’s ambition to position the UK as a forefront player in AI innovation.

Dr. Hodson will delve into the nuances of the report, highlighting the critical barrier of AI skills shortage facing UK companies and how this impediment can be overcome. She’ll discuss strategies for fostering responsible AI development that doesn’t compromise safety or ethics, closing the AI and tech skills gap, leveraging technology to bridge the productivity gap, and rethinking cybersecurity in the AI era.

This episode promises to shed light on the current state of AI adoption in the UK and explore how embracing technology can propel UK businesses to global competitiveness. We’ll examine the implications of the AI skills gap, ethical AI development, and the transformative potential of technology in driving business innovation and productivity.

As we navigate these complex topics with Dr. Hodson, we invite you to reflect on the role of AI in your industry or business. How can AI serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth in your domain? Please share your thoughts and join the conversation as we explore the future of AI in business, guided by one of the leading voices in the field.

What steps can your organization take to adopt AI and do so responsibly and competitively on a global scale? Let’s discuss.

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