secretleaders | Insights from 12 world class founders & thinkers for our 100th episode

Insights from 12 world class founders & thinkers for our 100th episode

We’ve been making the UK’s startup podcast since 2017 and this is our 100th episode. To celebrate, we’re doing something a little different and bringing you a bunch of the most powerful stories and insights from some of the amazing guests we’ve had the honour of talking to over the years.

We’ve divided this episode into three sections. In the first, you’ll hear war stories from the founders of some of the world’s biggest unicorns; in the second we share tales of mental health and adversity; and in the third we bring you big ideas.

“What I want them to learn from me is to find that thing that really makes you happy, and where you’re really creative, because that’s what will bring you fulfilment in your life.”

From Daniel Schreiber, co-founder of insurance disruptor Lemonade, on how he formulated the product, to Jo Malone talking about growth, to Will Shu, founder of Deliveroo, talking about those early scrappy days when everyone had to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in:

“We would do stuff like just hand out flyers in the street. I wore a kangaroo costume too many times. I didn’t enjoy wearing the kangaroo costume.”

You’ll hear Cal Henderson, co-founder of Slack, talking about his company’s reaction to the pandemic, former Chief Business Officer for Google X, Mo Gawdat, sharing how even the worst times in our lives can be gateways into something beautiful, and Jason Calcanis, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest angel investor of all time’:

“A lot of founders and people have early success. The things that made them successful in that first phase of their career will actually work against them in the second phase.”

For all you entrepreneurs out there, don’t miss this ultimate episode, jam packed full of 12 insightful, key takeaways. Download and listen now.

We chat about:

  • How to be a disruptor
  • Lay the foundations for success
  • The value of happiness, resilience and a culture of openness
  • Develop atomic habits
  • Support women in business
  • Be humble




The Secret Leaders podcast features interviews with key figures from the UK tech and creative ecosystem. From entrepreneurs (both early and latter stage), to journalists, VCs - and even royalty - the series profiles those who have helped shape the nation's culture of innovation and growth.

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