Content Team | Inside Syensqo: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Technology

Inside Syensqo: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Technology

Have you ever considered what goes into the products you use every day, from the shampoo in your shower to the battery powering your electric vehicle?

In this episode, we explore the transformative world of Syensqo, a company at the forefront of the green energy transition. Our guest is Mike Finelli, Syensqo’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and Chief North America Officer, who brings over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry to the table.

Mike will delve into how Syensqo is leading the way in developing essential materials for electric vehicle batteries, with a particular focus on their groundbreaking work in lithium-ion battery components. As North America’s largest production facility for polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) gears up to open in Augusta, Georgia, Mike will share insights on how this new site will play a critical role in the U.S. “Battery Belt,” driving the clean energy transition.

We’ll also discuss Syensqo’s innovative use of artificial intelligence to revolutionize chemical production, making processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Mike will explain how AI is leveraged in their R&D labs, leading to breakthrough discoveries that push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable technology.

Join us for a deep dive into the megatrends shaping our future—lightweighting, electrification, and advanced connectivity—and learn how Syensqo is not just keeping up but setting the pace for industrial decarbonization. How are they managing to stay ahead in an industry that’s rapidly evolving? And what can other businesses learn from their approach to innovation and sustainability?

As we uncover the layers of Syensqo’s strategic vision, we invite you to ponder: How will these advancements change the products you use daily and the world at large? Share your thoughts with us after the episode.


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