Content Team | Innovative Defenses: Tom Gillis on Cisco’s Latest Security Solutions

Innovative Defenses: Tom Gillis on Cisco’s Latest Security Solutions

Are you and your organization prepared for the future of cyber security? Today, I’m joined by Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Security Business Group on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast. 

Broadcasting directly from the vibrant atmosphere of Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Tom joins us to unravel the dynamics of cyber security within the framework of a renowned networking giant. With a career that spans influential roles at VMware and now at Cisco, Tom offers unique insights into the evolution of cybersecurity strategies and their crucial role in shaping business resilience.

Tom discusses the latest innovations unveiled at Cisco Live. From the groundbreaking Cisco Hypershield to enhancements in AI-driven security management, these developments represent Cisco’s commitment to fortifying enterprise defenses against increasingly sophisticated threats. As we delve into these topics, Tom will also share his personal journey and the reasons behind Cisco’s accelerated innovation in recent times.

So, buckle up as we transport you to the heart of Cisco Live, where the future of enterprise security is being redrawn. Join us for a conversation that promises to be as enlightening as it is inspiring. What are your thoughts on the trajectory of cyber security and the innovations discussed today? How do these advancements resonate with your professional experiences or the challenges faced by your organization? I encourage you to share your perspectives and join the ongoing dialogue by reaching out through our various platforms.


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