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Imperva: Navigating the Data Breach Landscape

In today’s digitized world, the security of our data is paramount. Understanding the complexity of data breaches and developing robust security strategies can often be a challenging task for businesses. To shed light on this critical issue, I’m thrilled to have Terry Ray from Imperva, a global leader in cybersecurity, on Tech Talks Daily.

Terry brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion, focusing on the key findings from Imperva’s ‘100 Data Breaches Findings’ report. We delve into the root causes of data breaches, from hacking and unsecured databases to the prevalent menace of social engineering. We also examine the types of data most frequently targeted by cybercriminals and identify the industries most susceptible to these attacks.

In our conversation, Terry underscores the importance of comprehensive data security strategies, emphasizing the need for monitoring all data activity and not just a few servers. He shares valuable insights into common oversights in data security, such as the lack of multi-factor authentication and limited visibility of activity monitoring.

Terry also outlines his work on developing algorithms to assess and improve data security risk scores for organizations, a testament to Imperva’s integrated approach that combines edge, application security, and data security.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech professional, an entrepreneur navigating the digital world, or simply someone curious about cybersecurity, this episode offers a deep-dive into the world of data breaches. So join us as we unravel the complex terrain of data security with Terry Ray.

To get more insights from the ‘100 Data Breaches Findings’ report, visit and stay one step ahead of the threat landscape.

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