Content Team | How Indiana is Harnessing Cisco Full-Stack Observability

How Indiana is Harnessing Cisco Full-Stack Observability

On this episode of Tech Talks Daily, we’re coming to you live from the bustling show floor of Cisco Live in Las Vegas. Our focus today is on the evolution of technology adoption in the public sector, a field traditionally seen as lagging behind its private counterparts. We’re busting myths and challenging stereotypes as we delve into the intriguing world of public services, proving that they are, indeed, keeping pace with the digital world.

Our special guest is Brad Walsh, Lead Program Manager for Application Performance Management at the Indiana Office of Technology. Brad offers unique insights into the current technological shift in the public sector and reveals how governmental organizations are not just catching up, but in some areas, leading the charge in implementing cutting-edge solutions.

We’re shining a spotlight on Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability (FSO), a game-changing solution that provides end-to-end visibility across applications, infrastructure, and network layers. This powerful tool can transform IT operations and enhance overall business performance, boasting benefits like improved visibility, faster problem resolution, increased collaboration, scalability, and heightened security.

But what does this look like when applied in the real world? How can it truly revolutionize public services and raise public expectations from government services? Brad Walsh will share his firsthand experience with the Cisco FSO and will reveal how this tech solution is transforming operations at the Indiana Office of Technology.

Tune in for an eye-opening discussion about the future of public sector technology, straight from the heart of Cisco Live. We’re breaking down barriers, shattering misconceptions, and bridging the gap between the public and private sectors. Don’t miss out!

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