Content Team | How Hitachi Vantara is Driving Efficiency and Sustainability in Data Centers

How Hitachi Vantara is Driving Efficiency and Sustainability in Data Centers

I sit down with Lynn Collier, Global Solutions Manager for Digital Infrastructure at Hitachi Vantara, to talk about their pioneering work in enhancing data center storage systems. Lynn shares insights about their efforts to increase sustainability and efficiency in the face of rising electricity consumption in data centers worldwide.

Lynn tells the success story of South African IT company Gijima, who, with the help of Hitachi Vantara, successfully deployed Hitachi VSP systems in their production data center. By replacing bulkier spinning-disk arrays with all-flash storage systems, Gijima significantly consolidated its physical infrastructure, reduced power consumption by 66%, and enhanced its disaster recovery capabilities.

We delve deeper into the complexities business leaders face when striving for improved sustainability without sacrificing performance, reliability, or disaster recovery capability. Lynn explains how Hitachi Vantara’s innovative solutions, such as data-driven automation and sophisticated diagnostics, are helping organizations to address these challenges and continually lower their carbon footprint.

Lynn also shares a sneak peek at some exciting sustainability-focused tools in the pipeline at Hitachi Vantara. She talks about the development of a CO2 calculator tool that will enable organizations to assess their environmental footprint accurately.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in how tech companies are innovating to make data centers more efficient and sustainable and how these advancements can deliver significant business benefits.

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