Content Team | How HBAR Foundation is Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain for Sustainability

How HBAR Foundation is Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain for Sustainability

I sit down with Hania Othman, Director of Sustainable Impact for Europe and Africa at the HBAR Foundation. Hania brings a wealth of experience from her diverse roles in the Web3 space, including her stint as the Head of Impact at Smart B and as the co-founder of TrustFactors.

We delve into the pressing need for enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency in the digital age. Hania paints a vivid picture of how these necessities are more critical than ever before, drawing from her extensive work in designing and building solutions for the next-gen economy.

Our conversation covers the unique intersection of inclusivity and sustainability, demonstrating how these two concepts are indispensable to each other in driving positive change. We discuss the HBAR Foundation’s pivotal role in the adoption of the Hedera network and its focus on employing technology to address global sustainability challenges.

Hania shares insights into the foundation’s strategies for grant and investment decisions based on five key goals, including making climate finance auditable and establishing a global climate asset price. We also explore the necessity for accurate and auditable ESG reporting to counteract climate risks and prevent greenwashing. Plus, we dive into the differences in driving sustainable practices across various regions like Europe and Africa.

Tune in to hear about the potential of emerging technologies in fostering economic growth, the intersection of blockchain and sustainability, and how digital public goods can lead to climate solutions and a just transition. A must-listen for those interested in the future of Web3, sustainability, and the role of technology in making a difference.

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