Neil Ward-Dutton | How digital technology changes work: the big picture trends

How digital technology changes work: the big picture trends

Digital technologies are changing work and the workplace faster than ever before. As we expand the scope of the MWD Advisors podcast, here’s a playlist of three episodes looking at the ‘big picture’.

In this podcast playlist, Neil Ward-Dutton and Craig Wentworth cover three broad big picture trends:

  • The age of abundance.
  • The transparency premium.
  • The experience conundrum.

Each podcast episode explores how industry is being affected by an aspect of digital disruption, and then digs into what this means for individuals (as consumers or employees), what it means for organisations wanting to benefit from changes, and what it means for software providers wanting to serve those organisations.

These podcast episodes aren’t end-of-year-predictions in a traditional sense, but we’ve created them to signpost where we think technology is taking business in the year ahead – and to highlight some of the key issues that will drive our own research agenda.

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Neil Ward-Dutton

I'm passionate about helping organisations get real business benefits from the investments they want to make in IT. I love technology, and I've seen it used to amazing effect - but I hate waste, and I've seen so many organisations waste their investments. Over the past 10 years as the Research Director at MWD Advisors I've gained invaluable experience working with clients across many industries, learning about what works and where people come unstuck in trying to drive business change with technology. I've advised on technology strategy and business change management across Europe, and presented at dozens of conferences on these topics around the world.