Content Team | How Broadridge is Transforming Finance with Distributed Ledger Technology

How Broadridge is Transforming Finance with Distributed Ledger Technology

On today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily, we are delighted to host Horacio Barakat, Head of Digital Innovation for Capital Markets at Broadridge Financial Solutions. Broadridge, a global fintech leader with $5 billion in revenues, delivers cutting-edge communications, technology, data, and analytics solutions that help clients transform their businesses.

Horacio has been at the helm of Broadridge’s expansion and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in their DL Repo platform. With a staggering volume surpassing a trillion dollars a month in total transactions, Broadridge handles millions of trades a day involving trillions of dollars. Giants of the financial world like UBS and Société Générale are already onboard.

In this insightful conversation, Horacio shares his expert perspectives on the new DLT use cases in finance and provides an in-depth analysis of its application in repo transactions. He highlights how DLT has brought about significant operational efficiencies and improved capital velocity, increasing liquidity, and facilitating different types of transactions in finance and bond trading.

We also delve into the evolution of DLT in the finance industry. Starting in specific areas and slowly expanding, its adoption journey has been as expected. But along with opportunities, there are challenges—Horacio emphasizes the need to fully comprehend the technology and its benefits.

The discussion further extends to how Broadridge is harnessing the power of smart contracts and the digital representation of securities to enhance workflows in securities lending and build a matching platform.

Lastly, we touch on the importance of continuous learning in the financial services industry. Broadridge facilitates this through online training platforms like LinkedIn and Coursera. Horacio encourages listeners to explore the Broadridge website for more insights and examples of platform solutions.

Join us in this enlightening episode, as we unravel the complexities and opportunities of Distributed Ledger Technology in the world of finance with Horacio Barakat.


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