Content Team | How BAE Systems is Extending Reality With Synthetic Training Environments (STE)

How BAE Systems is Extending Reality With Synthetic Training Environments (STE)

In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, we’re venturing into the evolving military training landscape with Lucy Walton, Head of Training at BAE Systems, who will shed light on Project OdySSEy.

 This initiative stands at the forefront of transforming how armed forces prepare for the complexities of modern warfare across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains. But what makes synthetic training environments such a game-changer?

Lucy will discuss the inception and rapid progress of Project OdySSEy, which transitioned from a concept to a demonstrable reality through collaboration in just four months. This leap was made possible by leveraging expertise from various fields, including gaming, simulation, supercomputing, and augmented and virtual reality. These partnerships accelerate innovation and bring diverse perspectives to the challenges at hand.

We’ll explore how synthetic training offers significant advantages over traditional methods. It allows for unlimited, safe, and ecologically responsible training scenarios that can quickly bring together allies across the globe. Gaming technology and artificial intelligence in these environments promise a new era where ambition and capability align more closely than ever.

Moreover, Lucy will explore the personalized aspects of training enabled by AI and data analytics, offering insights into how these technologies can tailor training programs to individual performance, stress levels, and decision-making processes.

As we look to the future, the conversation will also touch upon the enduring value of live training alongside synthetic environments to ensure that military personnel are fully prepared for the physiological challenges of real-world operations.

What could this blend of virtual and physical training environments mean for the future of military preparedness, and how might these innovations influence other sectors? Join us as we delve into these questions and more. After listening, we invite you to share your thoughts on how synthetic training will shape the future of the military and beyond.


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