Content Team | How Arcbest is Transforming Logistics through Tech

How Arcbest is Transforming Logistics through Tech

In today’s episode, I explore the convergence of technology and logistics with Michael Newcity, the CINO and president of ArcBest Technologies. While logistics may not immediately evoke thoughts of high-tech innovation, Michael sheds light on how ArcBest sets new industry standards through technological advancements.

ArcBest’s commitment to harnessing the power of tech is evident in its groundbreaking Vaux Freight Movement System. This state-of-the-art system comprising software and hardware components is a game changer for the logistics landscape. Michael delves into its ability to drastically reduce the time spent loading and unloading freight — a transformative shift from hours to mere minutes. 

The Vaux system’s proprietary technology, which seamlessly integrates into existing setups, offers warehouse managers and dock supervisors the tools to supercharge productivity. But that’s not all. The software’s unique tracking technology ensures real-time visibility, further reinforcing ArcBest’s vision of providing unparalleled efficiency in the logistics realm.

Michael emphasizes that the Vaux system is a testament to ArcBest’s robust investment strategy in technology. Remarkably, half of the company’s impressive $150M annual technology budget is allocated towards strategic, transformative projects — a figure that surpasses industry benchmarks.

Throughout the discussion, Neil and Michael also touch upon the industry’s historical strides in tech, such as the pioneering efforts in online tracking for consumers. Michael’s insights underscore ArcBest’s customer-centric approach, using innovative solutions like the Vaux system to provide unprecedented value.

As the conversation unfolds, the duo deep dives into broader tech trends reshaping the logistics industry, especially after recent supply chain disruptions. From the surge in IoT and digitization to the promises of edge computing, listeners will get a panoramic view of the tech-driven metamorphosis in logistics.

Tune in to understand how technology is not just augmenting but revolutionizing the logistics domain. This episode offers an inspiring narrative of how forward-thinking strategies and relentless innovation can drive a century-old business like ArcBest into the future.

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