Content Team | How AI is Making Building Software as Easy as Ordering Pizza

How AI is Making Building Software as Easy as Ordering Pizza

Sachin Duggal, the innovative mind behind joins me in a deep dive into the journey of making software creation as easy as ordering a pizza.

Sachin’s experience with the arduous process of app development and the frustrations that came with it sparked the inception of He was determined to create a platform where anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, could bring their app ideas to life. revolutionizes software development by creating an AI-powered platform that transforms complex coding processes into a simple selection and customization task.

Listen in as Sachin dissects the world of low code and no code platforms, the limitations that these platforms possess, and how navigates through these challenges. They delve into the recurring barriers to entry in the software industry and explore how elevates its users’ confidence in building software and ensuring successful outcomes.

Sachin shares insights on how his platform enables non-technical customers to build apps with the help of an AI assistant. The platform’s unique approach allows clients to own the code and build anything within reason, making stand out in the crowd.

In addition, the duo discuss how reduces the risk of building the wrong product, automates the software production process and fosters a high return on investment by creating an expert network of developers and designers.

Discover how Sachin Duggal, a computer prodigy since his early teenage years, evolved from fixing a broken computer to founding one of the first cloud computing companies and eventually building Get inspired by Sachin’s remarkable journey from a passionate tech enthusiast to a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer and’s Serial Entrepreneur of the Year.

Join me on this enlightening journey of transforming the landscape of software development. Learn how is reshaping the software industry and making it more accessible to the non-tech savvy community. Tune in and get inspired to bring your app ideas to life!

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