Content Team | Home Sweet Tech Home: Revolutionizing Homeownership

Home Sweet Tech Home: Revolutionizing Homeownership

Join me as I explore the story behind Keepingly – a platform that’s much more than just a digital tool. Daniel and Jillian, driven by their own experiences as homeowners, have dedicated themselves to advocating for better housing policies and equitable solutions. They discuss how Keepingly is empowering homeowners to view their homes as assets, centralizing all aspects of homeownership, from maintenance checklists to document storage.

Daniel, with a keen focus on housing policies, particularly in appraisals, and Jillian, with her expertise in home and lifestyle, bring a unique synergy to Keepingly. They share their commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, emphasizing how promoting Black homeownership is crucial in achieving equitable housing and generational wealth.

We delve into the technological heart of Keepingly, understanding how it aims to standardize home details and documentation, facilitating home sales and enhancing transparency. The platform’s roadmap includes addressing appraisal bias and promoting sustainability, reflecting a holistic approach to homeownership.

The episode also offers valuable insights for PropTech founders. Daniel and Jillian advise building with policy in mind and solving real market needs, emphasizing the importance of an egoless approach and the readiness to adapt.

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