secretleaders | Healthily: Building a ‘moonshot’ to help a billion people, with Co-Founder & CEO Matteo Berlucchi

Healthily: Building a ‘moonshot’ to help a billion people, with Co-Founder & CEO Matteo Berlucchi

Most of the founders we speak to have already achieved much of their startup’s mission, but today’s Secret Leader is in the midst of a much longer journey with his company. Meet Matteo Berlucchi, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Healthily which has spent several years building their product to a point where they can play for the ‘big prize’.

“Healthily is a moonshot, it’s the textbook definition of a moonshot. The idea behind Healthily is to use technology to enable people to manage their health in a better way… To become the Spotify or Netflix of healthcare.”

Launched in 2015, the app formerly known as Web.MD, now Healthily, is the first medically approved self-care app in the world, and is aiming for a user base of over a billion people.

“To me, success is not making money, it has never been my definition of success. To me, success is building something that has impact.”

From his first days founding startups, to helping create Healthily and turn it into a profitable startup; investment, failure and limiting beliefs, don’t miss Matteo’s hard fought insights.

“Provided that you always do things with integrity and with belief, you believe that you’re doing the right thing, then if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work. Failure is lying to yourself, doing something knowing that it’s not going to work and doing it anyway, that’s a failure.”

We chat about:

  • What is actually success and failure
  • Self care is the self service of healthcare
  • How to make a company like Healthily profitable
  • Failing to sell the story of Healthily to investors properly


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