Content Team | Head of SAP Business Technology Platform Development Services, JDC Group

Head of SAP Business Technology Platform Development Services, JDC Group

Michael Lemashov, a seasoned SAP expert and Head of SAP Business Platform at JDC Group, joins me on Tech Talks Daily. Bringing over two decades of experience in various SAP roles, Michael’s insights illuminate the path for businesses navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our discussion takes a deep dive into the significance of 2027 for SAP ECC customers, marking a critical deadline for migration to S/4HANA or extending maintenance. Michael will explore the nuances of this deadline and its far-reaching implications for enterprises around the globe. He also tackles the typical challenges encountered in cloud migration, such as the lack of a clear strategy and the increased complexity of IT landscapes, which collectively contribute to the difficulties organizations face in this transition.

A focal point of our conversation will be SAP Clean Core, a methodology designed to enhance flexibility and stability by reducing technical debt before cloud migrations. Michael will elaborate on how this approach, governed by four fundamental principles, is instrumental in preparing enterprises for a smoother transition to the cloud.

We will also venture into a comprehensive overview of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), where Michael will detail its suite of tools that amalgamate data, analytics, AI, automation, and more. He’ll underscore how SAP BTP’s integrated features can expedite innovation and streamline business processes, marking a significant leap in enterprise technology capabilities.

Moreover, the role of JDC Group in this transformative era forms an essential part of our dialogue. Michael will discuss how JDC Group’s BTP Development Services are aiding clients in navigating the complexities of cloud migration. He will shed light on their approach to reducing technical debt, making effective customization decisions, and guiding innovation initiatives, all while ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud.

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