Content Team | Guarding the Web: CHEQ and the Fight Against Bots and Fake Traffic

Guarding the Web: CHEQ and the Fight Against Bots and Fake Traffic

Guy Tytunovich is the founder and CEO of CHEQ, a leading security firm specializing in the elimination of bots, fake web traffic, and malicious users. Born from the minds of former members of Israel’s elite intelligence Unit 8200, CHEQ is dedicated to shielding over 15,000 companies worldwide from damaging web activities that can significantly impact their bottom lines.

In our conversation, Guy unpacks the startling extent to which bots and fake traffic disrupt businesses, with a whopping 40% of all web traffic comprised of invalid users and bots. He illuminates how this trend sabotages marketing efficiency, skews data and analytics, and hampers on-site conversion efforts.

Guy brings the issue to life with real-world examples. We dive into CHEQ’s findings, which reveal an astounding potential wastage of $658M annually in Twitter ad spend on bots and fake users. Guy also touches on the infamous bot attacks on Ticketmaster during Taylor Swift’s tour sale, which led to site crashes and congressional hearings.

We explore the recent case of JP Morgan Chase, which suffered a $175M loss due to a fraudulent customer list during the acquisition of startup Frank. In the rapidly heating M&A landscape, Guy sheds light on how businesses can properly vet acquisition targets and steer clear of such pitfalls.

Join us for this insightful episode as we explore the hidden threats in the digital landscape and discuss how CHEQ, with its advanced cybersecurity measures, is paving the way for safer, more efficient business practices in the web realm.

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