secretleaders | Grenade: Disrupting the FMCG Industry with Alan and Juliet Barratt

Grenade: Disrupting the FMCG Industry with Alan and Juliet Barratt

If you’re an entrepreneur in the FMCG industry, this episode of Secret Leaders is one you don’t want to miss. Today we talk to the founders of Grenade, one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, featured in the Sunday Times Fast Track Top 100 companies four out of five consecutive years.

Launched in 2009 as a hobby company, “we were only ever planning on launching one product, but then it did so well that customers and retailers were asking us for more”, and getting down to just £27 in the bank at one point, Grenade was sold in 2018 for £72 million.

So how did this husband and wife team start and grow such a successful company, developing it into a global lifestyle brand?

Alan says, “one of the things that I think has been a real strength at Grenade is that people have enjoyed working with us, whether it’s a supplier or customer, or the team, treat people how you’d like to be treated yourself.”

It’s honest insights like these that make Alan and Juliet Barratt so listenable. They’re funny, inspiring and willing to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed, as long as the entrepreneur is hungry for success.

“You choose your own luck. We think luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.”

We chat about:

  • Why and how Alan and Juliet set up in business together
  • Where the name Grenade came from
  • The cost of setting up in business
  • Why disruption doesn’t need to be expensive
  • Why the perfect work/life balance doesn’t exist

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