Content Team | From NASA to VC: Sailesh Ramakrishnan’s Stellar Journey in Tech

From NASA to VC: Sailesh Ramakrishnan’s Stellar Journey in Tech

How do visionaries navigate the complex pathways from groundbreaking ideas to revolutionary technologies? Today’s episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast explores this fascinating journey with Sailesh Ramakrishnan, partner at

Sailesh’s story is not just inspiring; it’s a masterclass in the art of blending diverse disciplines to fuel innovation. From his early days dreaming of space exploration, leading him to a pivotal role at NASA, Sailesh has been on a relentless pursuit of knowledge and impact. His academic journey is a tapestry of engineering, construction management, and artificial intelligence, culminating in his work on AI for cancer modeling and developing reasoning capabilities for a robotic assistant for the elderly.

But how does one transition from working on Mars Rovers at NASA to diving into the startup world? We delve into Sailesh’s decision to leave NASA for the startup scene, his experience co-founding LocBox (later acquired by Square), and his reunion with former colleagues to launch Here, Sailesh uses AI to unearth hidden gems in the global startup ecosystem, moving beyond traditional venture capital models.

In our conversation, we uncover the essential elements that Sailesh believes are crucial for startup success: a strong, cohesive team and an unwavering focus. We’ll also get his insights on the role of AI in empowering solo founders and the waves of innovation being spurred by the urgent need to address climate change.

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