Content Team | From Control to Freedom: and the Quest for User Empowerment

From Control to Freedom: and the Quest for User Empowerment

Can technology foster an ethical, user-controlled future? Today’s episode features Jonathan MacDonald, a visionary leader and the force behind, a platform dedicated to reshaping how personal AI assistants interact with user data under a banner of ethics and empowerment.

From his early exposure to computers in the 1970s to becoming a stalwart advocate for digital rights, Jonathan has consistently championed the need to reverse big tech’s overpowering influence.

Self, rooted in blockchain and quantum computing, embodies his commitment to transparency, control, and human rights in technology. Jonathan shares compelling insights on navigating the complex landscape of fundraising, where human principles often clash with profit-driven motives, and paints a vivid picture of a tech future that prioritizes user empowerment over exploitation.

¬†Join us as we dive deep into the ethical challenges and transformative potential of today’s tech landscape with a pioneer who believes in technology’s power to enhance human freedom rather than constrain it.

Where is technology taking us, and how can we ensure it remains a force for good? Share your thoughts and continue the conversation online!

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