Content Team | From Barcelona to Beyond: Glovo’s Unicorn Journey

From Barcelona to Beyond: Glovo’s Unicorn Journey

In today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily, we ask: How does a small Barcelona-based startup transform into Spain’s second tech unicorn, expanding across 25 countries and impacting millions of lives? Join us as we explore this intriguing journey with Sacha Michaud, co-founder of Glovo.

Sacha delves into the fascinating story of Glovo, conceptualized with his co-founder Oscar Pierre. From its inception as a simple delivery service, Glovo has evolved into a multi-faceted platform, offering various products beyond restaurant food – including groceries, flowers, electronics, and even fashion. We’ll uncover the strategies and innovations that propelled Glovo to its unicorn status and how it’s reshaping the delivery industry.

But Glovo’s story isn’t just about business growth; it’s also a tale of social responsibility and positive impact. Sacha shares insights into Glovo’s Impact Fund and the groundbreaking Courier’s Pledge, initiatives demonstrating a deep commitment to couriers and communities. We’ll hear about the significant strides Glovo has made in enhancing the lives of its couriers through social rights, benefits, and learning opportunities.

Sacha also sheds light on the vibrant startup scene outside Silicon Valley, particularly in Europe. He offers valuable advice to both burgeoning and established businesses on fostering growth and navigating the challenges of the tech world.

As we delve into Glovo’s journey from a local startup to a global player, we also discuss the company’s acquisition by Delivery Hero and its vision for the future, including the burgeoning field of quick commerce.

How does a company like Glovo balance rapid growth with social impact, and what lessons can other businesses learn from their experience? We invite you to join the conversation and share your thoughts on this inspiring story of innovation and responsibility.

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