Content Team | Freepik and The Future of Design: Exploring AI and Creativity

Freepik and The Future of Design: Exploring AI and Creativity

In this enlightening episode of Tech Talks Daily, we are joined by Joaquin Cuenca Abela, the CEO and co-founder of Freepik Company. From his humble beginnings as an engineer to leading several successful startups, Joaquin takes us through his inspiring journey and shares the crucial lessons he’s learned along the way.

Listen to Joaquin as he unfolds the story of Freepik, a venture that began as a search engine for free graphics and progressively adapted to user demand by creating its own unique images. Drawing from his time at Google, Joaquin emphasizes the importance of staying user-focused while keeping a keen eye on financials for startup success. He also shares invaluable advice for budding entrepreneurs about listening to users, leveraging quality data, and progressing steadily towards their goals.

Our conversation takes a deep dive into the intricacies of scaling a business, including the need for strategic hiring and fostering talent, especially in the midst of a tech skill shortage. Joaquin discusses his experiences and strategies in talent acquisition and development that propelled Freepik’s growth.

We delve into a rich discussion about the role of product-centric focus in trumping competition, and how Freepik is transforming the design industry by democratizing creativity and utilizing AI to enhance user experience. Joaquin also shares a glimpse into Freepik’s ambitious future plans aligning with current industry trends.

Whether you’re an aspiring founder, a design enthusiast, or simply curious about the transformative impact of AI in creative industries, this episode packs a wealth of insights from Joaquin’s 20-year industry experience. Join us in this fascinating dialogue as we uncover the secrets behind running successful bootstrapped companies and the exciting developments shaping the future of design.


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