Content Team | Four Pillars of Growth: Accenture’s Strategy for Software and Platform Companies

Four Pillars of Growth: Accenture’s Strategy for Software and Platform Companies

Are software and platform companies poised to conquer the next wave of innovation, or are internal obstacles derailing their trajectory? In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, we sit down with Kevan Yalowitz, the global lead for Software & Platforms at Accenture, who brings over 15 years of experience at the nexus of business and technology.

Kevan unpacks the rapid evolution within the software and platforms industry, which has dramatically reshaped our daily interactions from shopping to socializing. Despite the industry’s drive towards constant hypergrowth, there lurks a series of internal challenges—organizational siloes, complex processes, and unfocused engineering talent—that could stall future advancements.

In our conversation, Kevan outlines a strategic roadmap designed for these companies to navigate through these hurdles. He highlights four critical pillars: leveraging generative AI for new growth opportunities, crafting compelling user experiences, enhancing employee engagement, and unlocking internal value. Each component plays a pivotal role in not only overcoming existing challenges but also in solidifying a foundation for sustained innovation.

As we explore these themes, we ponder a crucial question: How can software and platform companies recalibrate their strategies to thrive amidst these evolving challenges? Join us as we delve into this topic, and after listening, we invite you to share your views on whether your favorite tech brands are truly ready for the next chapter of growth.


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