Content Team | Flying High with AI: Virgin Atlantic’s Customer Service Revolution

Flying High with AI: Virgin Atlantic’s Customer Service Revolution

What real-world impact is AI having on businesses today? How do we measure its success? These are the questions we are exploring at the Experience 2024 event by Genesis in Denver, Colorado. Amid the buzz about AI, I want to dig deeper and uncover tangible examples of its business value.

In this episode, I speak with Louise Phillips, Vice President of Customer Centres at Virgin Atlantic, and Michael Johnson, Operational Change Manager at Virgin Atlantic. They reveal how Virgin Atlantic is leveraging AI to revolutionize customer and employee experiences. They also share remarkable outcomes such as a 25-point improvement in customer satisfaction and a 12-point increase in employee happiness within just a year.

We explore how AI is used to create smarter, more cohesive experiences, including the implementation of predictive routing, voice segmentation bots, and bot flows. Louise and Michael explain how these technologies have transformed Virgin Atlantic’s customer journey, particularly for transatlantic routes, and how they’ve allowed the company to quantify and improve service.

They also discuss future advancements, such as Agent Assist and predictive engagement, that promise to further enhance operations and customer experiences. As the event concludes, they reflect on their partnership with Genesys and the exciting potential of AI.

Join us as we dive into the real-world impact of AI on business, the measurable successes, and the future possibilities. How do you see AI shaping the future of business? Share your thoughts and join the conversation.


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