Content Team | F5: Leadership and Championship Refereeing: Carl Berry’s Story

F5: Leadership and Championship Refereeing: Carl Berry’s Story

How does one juggle the intense demands of refereeing professional football and managing channel partners across a vast region for one of the world’s leading application security companies? This intriguing balance is the story of Carl Berry, EMEA Channel Director at F5, who joins us on this episode of Tech Talks Daily.

Carl joined F5 in March 2022, bringing over 20 years of experience in the IT market, particularly within partner and channel ecosystems. But what sets Carl apart is his parallel career as a Championship football referee, a role that has seen him touted for the Premier League. How do the disciplines of refereeing at such a high level translate into managing over 500 partners in the technology space? Carl shares how the integrity, elite communication, and decision-making skills honed on the pitch have influenced his approach to his role at F5.

In our conversation, Carl delves into the synergies between refereeing and his channel director responsibilities. He discusses the importance of integrity and effective communication in both fields and how these traits have shaped his leadership style. We also explore the current technology trends Carl is observing, including multi-cloud networking, the growth of app/API security, and the rise of generative AI.

Carl offers his insights on the unexpected growth in the retail vertical last year and shares his perspective on the technologies that failed to meet expectations. He advises channel partners on the importance of embracing and demystifying AI, focusing on practical business outcomes rather than getting bogged down by the complexities of the technology.

Join us as we unpack Carl Berry’s unique journey and gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of technology and channel partnerships. What skills from your own unique experiences do you bring to your professional life? Share your thoughts with us after the episode.

Tune in for an engaging discussion that bridges the worlds of football and cybersecurity, only on Tech Talks Daily.

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