Content Team | Exploring the Future of Retail Payments with Karna Crawford of Marqeta

Exploring the Future of Retail Payments with Karna Crawford of Marqeta

I explore the rapidly evolving world of retail payments with Karna Crawford, Chief Marketing Officer at Marqeta. Our conversation centers around the intriguing insights from Marqeta’s 2023 State of Payments report, mainly focusing on the burgeoning trend of embedded finance technology and its implications for retailers and consumers alike.

The discussion begins with an exploration of embedded finance trends and consumer behavior. Karna shares key findings from the report, highlighting the growing consumer confidence in digital banking and the notable shift towards mobile wallet usage. An eye-opening statistic reveals that 72% of consumers now feel confident enough to leave their wallets at home, relying solely on their phones for payments.

As we approach the holiday season, the conversation shifts to holiday shopping trends and credit card usage. Karna sheds light on the critical role of credit cards and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) schemes in holiday purchases. This segment also touches on the broader economic concerns affecting consumer spending habits, offering a nuanced view of the challenges and opportunities facing retailers.

We also discuss retailer opportunities with embedded finance and loyalty programs. Karna explains how personalized payment methods can not only drive traffic and purchases but also how optimizing rewards programs using consumer data can foster deeper loyalty and more meaningful relationships with customers.

Karna also highlights the potential impact of AI in the payments industry. She discusses how predictive credit cards, powered by generative AI and machine learning, could revolutionize the application process and enhance the rewards experience, offering a glimpse into a future where technology seamlessly integrates with consumer finance.

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