Content Team | Evan Goldberg on the Future of Oracle NetSuite and AI Integration

Evan Goldberg on the Future of Oracle NetSuite and AI Integration

Are we witnessing a tech evolution or merely chasing the latest shiny object? Today on Tech Talks Daily, we’re thrilled to welcome Evan Goldberg, EVP and Founder of Oracle NetSuite, as we explore the journey and future of cloud computing and AI integration within business software. We’re broadcasting from SuiteConnect in London, where Evan shares his excitement about connecting with industry professionals beyond the digital realm.

Evan recounts the inception of NetSuite 25 years ago, following a pivotal five-minute conversation with Oracle’s Larry Ellison. This story not only marks the birth of the world’s first cloud software company but also encapsulates a moment that defined an era of internet and business software revolution.

As we discuss the flashy allure of AI in today’s tech landscape, Evan draws parallels to early challenges at NetSuite, emphasizing the importance of not getting sidetracked by allure without substance. With Oracle recently unveiling plans to infuse AI across NetSuite, Evan explains how “Text Enhance” and broader AI applications are set to transform user experiences and operational efficiency, aligning with the core needs of CEOs across industries.

Addressing the economic uncertainties of our time, Evan reflects on lessons from the dot-com bubble and the resilience shown during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering sage advice for navigating recessional periods. He also touches on learning from setbacks, underscoring how past failures pave the way for future successes.

In a world increasingly driven by ESG goals and social consciousness, Evan discusses how businesses can achieve success while genuinely contributing to societal good—an ethos deeply ingrained in NetSuite’s operations.

Looking ahead, Evan reveals the tech trends that energize him each morning and previews what’s on the horizon for NetSuite’s customers. Lastly, for those feeling overwhelmed by the rapid pace of technological change, Evan shares his strategies for continuous learning and keeping abreast of industry evolution.

Join us for this enlightening discussion and share your thoughts: How do you stay current and balanced in the face of incessant tech advancements?

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