Content Team | Ethical Marketing in Action: Vericast’s Approach to Data and Privacy

Ethical Marketing in Action: Vericast’s Approach to Data and Privacy

I sit down with Hans Fischmann from Vericast to explore the evolving world of data privacy and ethical marketing. Vericast, known for its influence on how over 130 million households engage with the market, is at the forefront of redefining marketing solutions through a business-to-human approach. This discussion comes at a crucial time when consumer data protection is more regulated than ever, posing unique brand challenges and opportunities.

We explore the groundbreaking partnership between Vericast and Qonsent, highlighting their shared commitment to placing consumer consent at the heart of data collection. We dissect how this collaboration is revolutionizing how brands interact with and maintain records of user consent, ensuring compliance in a complex digital landscape.

The conversation shifts to Vericast’s innovative strategies, particularly the NXTDRIVE platform, which empowers brands to utilize fully consented first-party data for targeted marketing. Hans offers insights into balancing potent marketing campaigns with stringent data privacy regulations, emphasizing the need for ethically sourced data with provenance.

A key focus of the episode is the importance of centering the consumer in data collection processes. We discuss how this approach enhances marketing strategies and aligns with the evolving relationship between data privacy and marketing. We touch upon Vericast’s efforts to separate advertising tech from marketing tech, all while maintaining a privacy-centric use of consumer data.

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