Content Team | Empowering Mothers in Tech: The Supermums Journey

Empowering Mothers in Tech: The Supermums Journey

In a world where technology shapes our everyday lives and the demand for digital skills continues to soar, how can we ensure that everyone, especially mothers looking to re-enter the workforce, has access to the opportunities tech offers? This Tech Talks Daily Podcast episode delves into the inspiring journey of Heather Black, the visionary CEO of Supermums, a global initiative transforming the tech landscape for mothers and promoting gender equality in the digital age.

Supermums, born from Heather’s realization of Salesforce’s potential as a powerful enabler of flexibility and employment, has, since its inception in 2016, welcomed over 4,300 trainees from more than ten countries, demonstrating a formidable impact on reducing the gender pay gap, supporting women returners, and addressing the digital skills gap. With a keen focus on aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including Quality Education and Gender Equality, Supermums offers high-quality online learning and paves the way for remote work opportunities in the burgeoning Salesforce ecosystem.

Join us as Heather shares her journey from running a non-profit to leading Supermums, the challenges and triumphs of scaling a social enterprise globally, and the innovative approaches Supermums employs to match parenting attributes to Salesforce roles. Heather’s dedication to leveraging Salesforce for social good, her strategic vision for Supermums, and her passion for empowering women through education and employment in the tech sector are inspiring.

As we explore the future of work, the indispensable role of digital skills and the unique challenges and opportunities mothers face in the tech sector, Heather also sheds light on her aspirations to secure investment for Supermums, aiming to further amplify its global impact.

Where can you join the Supermums mission or learn more about how technology bridges employment and education gaps for mothers worldwide? Dive into this enlightening conversation with Heather Black to discover how Supermums is making tech careers more accessible and empowering mothers to achieve their full potential in the digital world.

As we reflect on the transformative power of tech education and flexible employment opportunities, we invite you to share your thoughts on how technology can continue to foster an inclusive, equitable workforce. How can initiatives like Supermums contribute to shaping a future where anyone, anywhere, can thrive in a digital economy?

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