Content Team | Empowering Founders and CEOs Beyond Series B Funding

Empowering Founders and CEOs Beyond Series B Funding

In this episode, I am joined by Katy Trost, a highly sought-after coach and advisor specializing in guiding CEOs and executive teams through the intricacies of scaling up. With a client list that reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the venture capital world, including firms like SoftBank, Octopus Ventures, and First Round Capital, Katy brings unparalleled experience to the table.

The conversation starts with an insightful discussion on the challenges CEOs commonly face as their companies move through funding rounds and scaling stages. Katy delves into the psychological aspects of leadership, touching upon the role of imposter syndrome, the CEO’s relationship with the board, and nuanced gender differences in how leaders seek and utilize support.

As the episode progresses, Katy shares her perspective on the dynamism that exists within various departments of a scaling company—from the sales team to tech to finance. The chat sheds light on how CEOs can serve as the linchpin that connects different personalities and professional objectives into a coherent, effective leadership framework.

One of the episode’s highlights is a deep dive into company culture, a concept often misunderstood or underemphasized during rapid growth. We explore the necessity of maintaining a strong culture at scale and the challenges that can arise when implementing change across an organization. They also discuss the importance of measuring and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI

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